How it Works

The Okoto team searched long and far to identify the most accurate sources of information relevant to a website’s market value. Once identified, Okoto built a system to instantaneously import this information into our flash memory database in the form of data streams. Once this system was assembled, we then spent thousands of man hours testing various formulas to interpret and translate this data into the most accurate possible market values. This formula was formalized into a sophisticated algorithm that we continue to use today.

The data streams that we import into our database, and which form the backbone of our unique valuation system, originate from a wide variety of sources. These sources are of course propriety, but include natural traffic, incoming links, domain name length, history, and rankings. These factors are then specifically weighted based on their individual contribution to a website’s value. The resulting value is by no means perfect; however, we believe it is the most accurate automated valuation system available on the Internet today.