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Okoto.com is owned and operated by Duxbury Ventures, LLC, an Internet investment firm based in Denver, CO and Boston, MA. The owners of Duxbury Ventures, LLC have, combined, decades of experience in website sales, acquisitions, and development.

Okoto.com was founded out of perceived need in the marketplace for a fast, accurate valuation engine. Although there are hundreds of website valuation sites out there, the founders of Okoto.com had trouble finding one that produced values that were anywhere near reality. Thus, the idea was born, and the next few years were spent developing and refining the concept and engine.

Thankfully, the market has responded quite well to our launch, and our site continues to grow exponentially, as more and more people across the world turn to us for quick, accurate estimates of website values. Going forward, we continue to improve our system and are planning on rolling additional, enhanced features for our visitors. Thanks for visiting us and stay tuned!

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